4 Week Tattoo Training Course

Hi! My name is Rob "Artist2Life" Teron, owner/artist of Mobile Ink Tattoos and I have put together an accelerated tattoo training program where I will teach you how to tattoo in just 4 weeks! No BS, 4 weeks, just the facts and straight to the point. It's exclusive one-on-one training from me, an established tattoo artist who has developed a reputation for quality tattoo art for more than 10 years now (if you haven't already seen my work CLICK HERE). My program will give you the tattoo techniques and tools that will have you transferring your own artwork onto living, breathing canvases in just days! The tattoo industry is booming and this is a perfect way to begin your journey toward a prosperous career so be sure to go over the details below, apply and if you are able to meet the requirements, let's get YOU started as a tattoo artist!

– Must be 18 or older.*  NO High School diploma or GED required!

– Basic drawing skills (tracing, shading, etc...) but the advanced will excel.

– $500 Seat Reservation Deposit if accepted

– Tuition paid in full 1 week before training begins. Sorry, no payment plans available.
– International students welcome!

4 Week Training Includes:
– Tattoo Safety and Health Department Regulations
– Trade Equipment

– Tattoo Art and Design

– Stencil Construction and Application
– Tattoo Techniques and Tips

– Industry Insights, Information and More...

Also Included

– 1-on-1 Tattoo Coaching/Mentorship ($6,000 Value)
– Professional Starter Kit ($1,000 Value)

– Research and Study Material ($1,500 Value)

– Tattoo License Application ($200 Value)



Please Note: Due to the exclusivity of this course, availability is limited and only a few will be chosen per course date. All selected applicants will require a deposit of $500 to officially reserve your seat. The remainder of your tuition must be paid in full no later than 1 week prior to you participating in the 4 Week Tattoo Training Course. 

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Please email me with any questions: mobileinktattoos@gmail.com

Summer/Autumn 2020 COURSE DATES:

August 3rd - 30th, 2020

September 1st - 27th, 2020

October 3rd - 30th, 2020


November 2nd - 29th, 2020

December 1st - 27th, 2020

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